Health Coaches: Statements That Will Grow Your Business

The words we use on social media matter! We only have 7 seconds to grab our potential client's attention and we must use it wisely. There are some phrases that have been overused and people just don't care to hear them anymore. When we use these words our potential clients just scan right over them and move on. Here are some examples

Lose Weight
Healthy Lifestyle
Eat Better
Drop pounds
Lose Fat

I know, that is all the things we can help them do, but they want MORE. They want to put their skinny jeans on without jumping up and down. They want to run around the yard with their kids without feeling winded. They want to look forward to playing in the pool without worrying about their muffin top. They want wear the strapless dress without back fat. 

Get it?

So, when you're talking to potential clients, really get to the root of their needs. When reiterating their goals, be specific! 

This is one thing we do when creating cover photos for our health coaches. Our marketing guru who has been studying with one of the top social media influencers and has worked in the fitness industry for 8 years, will come up with a quick headline for your cover photo that will give people a reason to take action! 

Your cover photo on your social media accounts is prime real estate. It's the first thing that your prospects see when visiting your page... use it wisely! Read the article, "The Facebook Cover Photo that Converts." 

The next time you make a social media post or even have a face-to-face coversation with someone, remember to keep it specific and stay away from the overused words. It will make a huge difference in your conversions.