Group Apparel Ordering Made Simple

Apparel Orders Made Simple

No more chasing people for money, receiving late order forms, and being a "middleman." 

We've all been there. Your work is participating in a charity and want matching shirts, your sons baseball team is getting new team apparel, your family thinks it would be awesome to have reunion shirts, and you're asked to be in charge of it all. You're chasing people down reminding them about order forms, begging for the money, and then 2 days after you place the order, someone brings you their order form apologizing for forgetting.

What a headache! I'm sure you have thought, "there has to be an easier way!"

We felt the same way! We knew this was a problem for our clients, so we went about finding a way to fix it and we have!

Here's how it works: 

1. Contact us for a quote. A list of items we will need for a quote is coming soon.
2. We will design some concepts based off of you're ideas. 
3. You choose the concept and apparel you would like to use. 
4. We put it on our website under your very own password protected client portal.
5. You send the link and password out 
6. Set a deadline for orders to be placed. 
7. We can either ship orders individually, or they can be picked up (if local) as one large order a couple weeks after the order deadline. 

Bing-Bang-Boom! Donezo! It's much easier for you!  You can still do it the old way if you would like, but why would you want to? 

Our current clients are already raving about how simple it is, and they LOVE that they don't have to collect money. 

If you enjoy gathering money and being a go-between, then this option probably isn't for you. But, if you're ready for an easier approach to ordering  then you're going to love this choice. 

Contact us to get your quote now!