5 Businesses You Can Start on Your Lunch Hour

Have you been wishing you could start a business of your own, but you just don't have the resources? Time, money... time & money. Then, add in a family and it's hard. It seems impossible to start your own business.

It doesn't have to be!

Here is a list of 5 businesses you can start on your lunch hour and weekends. 

1. Laundry Service. People hate doing their laundry. They would much rather be playing with their kids, reading a good book, or going out for some fun. 

2. Social Media Marketer. Do you love social media? Do you understand trends and what people want? Enjoy writing content that gets engagement? There are many different routes you can take with this one - writing ads, creating content, devising a plan, etc. Decide which direction you would like to go in and start chatting up other businesses. 

3. Cleaning Service. Does a clean space make you excited? Love how you feel after a day of deep cleaning? This may just be a clean fit for you. It's not for everyone... umm, maybe you can come clean for us sometime? ;) 

4. Sell Handmade Items. Crafts, baked goods, quilts, etc. Try turning your hobby into a thriving business. With websites like Etsy, it's really easy to get your items out there. 

5. Dropshipper. No inventory. No shipping. You create a website with products you would like to sell, find a wholesaler that will dropship for you. Boom! You have a business. Okay, there's a little bit more that goes into it, but you get the idea. 

Do you have a business idea? We would love to hear it! So drop a comment below :)